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8th-Jul-2015 01:20 am - friends
Bring it
I think it's nice that different friends do different things for you. One person doesn't give you everything you need, and that's ok. Some friends do more than one of these and some are just one, but that is fine. It all adds up to a complete picture. I have a friend who makes me laugh every time, gets my quirky sense of humor, and encourages and inspires my jokes, even the bad ones, and realizes I don't take things literally just because I may use literal meanings to make a joke. I have friends who show me what it's like to have a family with kids who I love and adore. I have a friend who understands what I am talking about in just about any vague facebook status. I have a friend who lets me feel a little wild and be 13. I have friends who are fans of shows that I am and can watch and talk about them with me and understand fangirling. I have a friend who gets the theater stuff that I enjoy. I have a friend who gets the Hollywood actress stuff and gives me a peek into that world. I have a friend who I can tell her I need a hug, and get one. I have a friend who is always on my side. I have a friend who understands the stress of grad school and will take time to have wine and movie nights with me. I have a friend who I can double ring if I need her any time day or night and know that she will pick up the phone because that means it's super important. I have friends who will validate my feelings even if they may be oversensitive. I have a friend who can look at me and know something is up. And that... all that.... is awesome.
13th-Nov-2014 04:17 pm - Somebody other than I
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I don't want to be me any more.
17th-Oct-2013 10:14 pm - Parody
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Goodbye, good bye theater. Goodbye, Grover’s Corners…. Director and stage manager… Goodbye to chicken’s clucking backstage…and Mrs. Webb’s imaginary beans…. And food in the green room and free coffee at concessions. And hair styling in the dressing room and hot curling irons. And performing and bowing at curtain call. Oh, Our Town, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you.
Bring it
My year of mostly 29.

My 2 boys turned 1 year old, and I celebrated each of their respective birthdays with them.
My first "niece" was born in February. I met her in August.
I finally got to see Aquarium of the Pacific (with Johnny).
Jenn, Kristyl, and Kat each had 2nd babies. I met each baby at 1 day, 1 month, and 1 week old, respectively. I got to spend the whole day alone with Cody while his brother was being born.

I went to the Paley Center to see a panel of Days of Our Lives actors.
I took over a kindergarten class for 52 days, after spring break through the end of the year.
My sister moved to Northern California.
Kat and family moved to Concord, CA.
Jamie moved back to MS.

My cousin finally proposed to his fiance. Engagement party and bridal shower followed.
Stacy got married, and I went to her wedding.
I hosted a 40's party.
Almost 4 year old Erik, my sister's ringbearer, died of cancer.
I hosted a Halloween party, as a sailor girl.

I had the biggest all family Thanksgiving in ages in Memphis with a total of 12 people.

I listened to a Harry potter audio book for the first time.

I took Financial Peace University for a 9 week class.

My roommate got engaged.

I started tutoring.
1st-Jan-2013 12:33 pm - Chanukah gifts 2012
Bring it
$25 amazon gift card- Sarah
$150 amazon gift card- Mom

yellow earrings- Mom

Star of David night light- Jamie

snowman cookie cutter, sugar crystals, chocolate martini mix, and small box of Sees candy- Jenn

business tote- Jenn's mom
11th-Nov-2012 02:04 pm - Sorry
Why am I the one who always has to apologize? People hardly ever tell me they are sorry. I can't remember the last time anyone apologized to me.
11th-Oct-2012 11:06 pm - helping
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I wish someone would help me for a change. I feel like I'm always the one helping. I seem to be unable to say no, unless I absolutely cannot do it. sigh
10th-May-2012 11:17 pm - Days evening at the Paley Center
Bring it
OMG Last night was so awesome! I got to sit in the front row of the audience. The actors sat right in front of me before they were introduced on to the stage. Lauren was right in front of me, and Bryan was a couple seats down.

Ari, Galen, Lisa Rinna, Lauren, Bryan, Chandler, Kristian, Dee, and Ali were there.

We all watched this thing on the screen about the Paley Media center and a sneak preview of Days. Some stuff with Ej and Stephano and Will coming out to his parents.

Then, Someone introduced Alison, and she called up her castmates one by one. When Bryan was introduced I screamed and went, "Ow!" like the hot stuff coming kind of a yelp. Kristian turned around and looked at me, and I mouthed "Sorry." She said, "No, it's good."

My camera was very out of focus, so my pictures of the stage aren't the best. We could take pics as long as the flash was off. I will post some later.

Ali asked her castmates questions. Ari asked if there were any Sole fans there. When she asked that Ali explained to Dee what that meant.

Galen was funny, much more personality than Rafe. Ari and Galen were next to each other and kept distracting each other, being silly.

Kristian and Ali shared that their most painful scenes were the deaths of Zach and Grace, respectively.

After about an hour, they turned questioning over to the audience. One woman said something about how we all hope for EJamily in the end. The woman next to me was like I don't know about that... I think someone cheered a bit about the EJamily bit, but not too much reaction.

Later a lady gave a Lumi shout out and that got some clapping and hollering from a few more than the Ejamily one. Safe weren't mentioned at all by audience members.

They were each aked who is one person they'd like to see back. Ari said Nicole's mother, Ali said Jensen, and Bryan said Thaao. Lisa and Chandler said Patrick Muldoon. Dee said Wayne Northrup.

The whole cast posed for a final picture, but since we weren't allowed to stand up I had to take them in parts, as the whole group wouldn't fit in the shot.

At the end, most of the cast disappeared, but Bryan and Chandler stuck around for autographs and photos.

I didn't get to talk to Chandler, but I was able to get a photo with Bryan.
7th-Dec-2011 08:23 pm - Star struck
Bring it
Today I was background on Castle as a dog show audience member. One of the guest star actors was sitting a few rows in front of me. When I saw him, I did a double take. He closely resembled an actor from Passions (Justin Harley a.k.a Fox). All day it was driving me crazy. I kept mentally arguing with myself about whether or not the guy was him. I talked to a few other extras, but none of them knew of the actor or recognized him. When I got home I googled his name and Castle, and a page came up saying he was going to guest star on the show playing the role this guy had played today. It was him! Ever neat.
10th-Apr-2011 10:33 pm - tell fully
Bring it
I really hate it when someone alludes to something, but refuses to explain. Either tell me or don't, but don't give me a half-assed starter and not finish it. If it's important enough to mention, it's important enough to tell fully. If not, don't bring it up at all. ugh
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